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Jun 12 2011


I cannot believe it’s been a year since this journey has started!  My first year, minus the last workdays, is officially over.  My Civics class kicked butt (91% proficient, what’s up), we welcomed in the new 2011 ENC corps this last week, and my classroom is almost as bare as I found it.   It’s so surreal that I’m heading home in about 2 weeks (after an AP institute).  right now I’m sitting on my bed, contemplating a color palate for my room, about to head out to get a drink, and I’m not working on lesson plans to submit.  Dang.
Well, readers, here’s a list of brief memories from the year.  If you’d like me to elaborate on any, post it in a comment and I shall oblige in another blog post.

lesbian fight
floods (FEMA visit #1)
tornadoes (FEMA visit #2)
crazy school boards
teaching with mono
local oyster bars
race relations in bertie
state testing madness

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I was listening to NPR on the way home (yeah, I’m old, get over it) and heard talk about Libya.  And it got me thinking about us (those of us who are early/mid-twenties).  I realized how terribly exciting and depressing our generation actually is. Let me explain… All our lives we’ve been told we can…

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Oct 03 2010

Wow it’s been a while!

Hello faithful(ish) readers! It’s been such a long time, and I apologize for that.  So I’ll give you a brief synopsis of what life in Windsor has been like for the past 1.5 months. So I’m teaching honors World History and honors English III, and it’s usually pretty fun!  My students are great 90% of…

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Aug 04 2010


…I have a job?? We’ll know the details tomorrow, but it’s happening! Finally!!!!!  That means I can find a house!! I won’t live out of my car!!  =) To pick up on the blogger challenge, here’s a fictional book I love: This book has everything good that you could ever want in a novel. If…

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Jul 26 2010

We’re in North Carolina!

Wow, it’s finally happening!  Not that I have a job/place to live buuuut….I’m here, and that’s always a good start. Onto the 30 day challenge!! day 8: Picture that makes me angry/sad: day 9: picture that I took: this was at Diavole in Italia…it’s the sun shining through the grapevines. One of my fav pictures…

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Jul 23 2010

Praxis tomorrow

…unfortunately.  at least it’s the HS english one though!  So it won’t be nearly as hard as the HS math was.  I also might be more willing to take it if I was actually placed.  Ahh, the virtue of patience is one I still need to work on. I guess this is also day 6…

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Jul 22 2010

Day 4/5: favorite book/favorite quote

I’m combining 2 to make this go faster (I dunno how much free time I’ll have in 2 weeks). Day 4: Oh man, how can I choose a favorite book????  This is such a hard question. I legitimately don’t have one single favorite book. I’m going to throw out a few just so I can…

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Jul 21 2010

day 3: favorite tv show

this one is so easy. I don’t think I love any tv show like i love south park (though Glee comes in a somewhat distant second).  Every episode contains at least 4 different social/political commentaries on american life, and is still hilarious and cohesive.  Too legit.

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Jul 20 2010

Day 2: favorite movie

So it’s day 2 of the blogging challenge…again with these favorite categories!  well, since I can’t choose just one, here are a few favorites from my favorite  genres. Sci Fi: I mean, do I have to explain how awesome this movie is?? Action, romance, lots of Harrison Ford, plot twists…pretty much the best sequel of…

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Jul 20 2010

30 day blogger challenge!

I doubt I’ll last more than 3 days, but I saw this on a few girls from my sorority’s blogs (hi T Moon and A Crow!) and decided to give it a whirl. Here’s the list: Day 01 — Your favorite song Day 02 — Your favorite movie Day 03 — Your favorite television program…

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