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Oct 03 2010

Wow it’s been a while!

Hello faithful(ish) readers!

It’s been such a long time, and I apologize for that.  So I’ll give you a brief synopsis of what life in Windsor has been like for the past 1.5 months.

So I’m teaching honors World History and honors English III, and it’s usually pretty fun!  My students are great 90% of the time, and they are mostly invested in their education.  I’m apparently blowing the minds of all my freshmen, some of whom were under the belief that Jesus was the first person alive so therefore BCE couldn’t possibly exist.

Gosh, I have so many stories, I don’t know where else to go…oh, Windsor was/is mostly underwater from a flood.  We’ve been out of school since early Wednesday afternoon, and so I’ve actually gotten ahead in planning.  Silver linings, right? Anyway, we don’t really know what’s going on around here, so we’ve just been sitting around trying not to go crazy.

I don’t know if we have school tomorrow…I hope we hear soon, because I definitely need to get back into school mode if we do.  But, since I think part of downtown is still underwater, school tomorrow is probably out.  Who knows? In the meantime, I hope this very brief update about my life was somewhat interesting!

Oh, and I totally have a boyfriend now.  Just wanted to throw that out there =)

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  1. Hayley

    finallyyyy! after checking everyday (i’m one of your loyal readers!) finally a new post!!! i hope the flooding clears up soon and you can get back to school Ms. Mfcoolsurf! haha :)

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