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Jun 12 2011


I cannot believe it’s been a year since this journey has started!  My first year, minus the last workdays, is officially over.  My Civics class kicked butt (91% proficient, what’s up), we welcomed in the new 2011 ENC corps this last week, and my classroom is almost as bare as I found it.   It’s so surreal that I’m heading home in about 2 weeks (after an AP institute).  right now I’m sitting on my bed, contemplating a color palate for my room, about to head out to get a drink, and I’m not working on lesson plans to submit.  Dang.

Well, readers, here’s a list of brief memories from the year.  If you’d like me to elaborate on any, post it in a comment and I shall oblige in another blog post.

  • lesbian fight
  • floods (FEMA visit #1)
  • tornadoes (FEMA visit #2)
  • crazy school boards
  • teaching with mono
  • local oyster bars
  • race relations in bertie
  • state testing madness
  • my second family
  • our kitten for 3 days, sterlingworth
  • North Carolina’s inability to handle an inch of snow

I guess that’s about it, hope your summer will be as fun as mine =)

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  1. Congrats on the EOC scores!

    If you’re teaching AP Gov or, especially, APUSH I’d be happy to share resources. Have a great summer!

  2. We’re hoping to see a strong showing from ENC CMs in the “Why is teaching important” contest. It will take ~1 minute to enter! Tell others, too!

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